Super size me

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Super size me

Super size me is an American documentary, a movie realized by Morgan Spurlock. The protagonist feeds exclusively atMCDONALD during thirty days, degrades his health and takes several kilos to denounce(cancel) the fatal effects, to begin with the obesity, of thefast food and the famous chain(channel) specialist of the hamburger. His purpose being to denounce the fatal effects of the fast food at thepeople. He begins the experience with a very healthy body and is followed by several specialists who notice the degradation little bylittle of quite its rates.
More than a twenty-five per cent of the children and the American teenagers have a weighty problem. Two adults onthree in the United States of America are affected by an excess weight or by obesity. He fixed four rules during his experiment, He has to eathis 3 daily meals at MCDONALD. He has to try every flat from MCDONALD at least once. He has to eat only food appearing on the menu, thewater if it’s in the menu. He has to take the option " Super Size " every time we propose it to him
He takes 12 kg in 30 days, damages theliver and increases his 0,65 gram cholesterol by liter of blood. The doctors recommend strongly to him to stop the experience but, determined tocontinue, he reaches his term in spite of warnings. To find his optimal health took him more than year..

Gauthier Justine T L/ES