Surf culture

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Surf culture
The culture began early in the 20th century, spread quickly during the 1950s and 1960s, and continues to evolve. It affected fashion, music,literature, films and more. Surfers, who come from many walks of life, are bound by the hunt for great waves, the desire for the ultimate ride, and life in and aroundthe ocean.

Aspects of 1960s surf culture in Southern California, where it was first popularized, include the bikinis and other beach wear, such asboardshorts or baggies, and surf music.Surfers developed the skateboard to be able to "surf" on land; and a number of other boardsports.

Surf culture is reflected insurf music, with sub-genres such as surf rock and surf pop. This includes works from such artists as The Beach Boys, The Surfaris, and The Shadows,. The musicinspired dance such as The Stomp, The Frug, and The Watusi. Whereascategory surf music helped popularize surfing., most surfers at the time, preferred R&B andblues. A newer wave of surf music has started in the acoustic riffs of artists such as Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter, who are both former professionalsurfers

Surfwear is a popular style of casual clothing, inspired by surf culture. Many surf-related brand names originated as cottage industry, supplying localsurfers with boardshorts, ugg boots, wetsuits, surfboards or leashes, as well as other hardware.

The International Surfing Day which celebrates the sport andlifestyle and the world surfing championship series which has become an extremely popular and lucrative activity, both for its participants and its sponsors.