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The aim of this review is to compare and contrast three different articles taken from three different newspapers, in order to see all different opinions about the adoption of children by gaypeople.

Nowadays, the debate is stronger than never because more and more gay couples want to have the possibility to adopt children as heterosexual’s parents. Lots of arguments from the twoparties are put forwarded. In addition, the homosexuel defenders’ voice is getting stronger.
According to the Reason Newspaper, heterosexual and homosexual parents are doing equally good parents. This,coincide with the arguments in favor published in the Firepost, which highlights interesting arguments like the fact that not allowing them to adopt because of their sexual orientation is adiscrimination which would be against the law in the work area.
An another argument, is the fact that lots of single parent can adopt, which can represent higher danger for the child ‘balance as he wereeducated by two homosexual’s parents.
What’s more , lots of people who are against gay adoption argue the fact that doing this is not natural. However, their opposant advance the argument that nowadays,parents having difficulties to get children, are allowed to do an artificial insemination which is not natural as well.
Finally, only 25% of children who are placed in an orphanage find parents. Byallowing gay parents to adopt, this number might increase.
On the contrary, according to the Time’s newspaper, adopting children is not natural and should be forbidden. In addition, doing this is againstthe religion and consequently against lots of people ‘believes.
What’s more is the fact that homosexual parents can give a good image to their children , who will not have the possibility toidentify themselves to a male and female gender. This, according to them, will have heavy consequences of the children’s personal fulfillment. In addition, the child would have to support bullying from his...