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she and me will present an analysis about chronodrive.com
we can tell you that Chronodrive was created in two thousand and four andbelong in Auchan’s Group.It ‘s a click and mortar commerce.Indeed chronodrive it’s a company wich use e-commerce and store’s business.
We will analyse the Strengths, weaknesses, threats,opportunities
strenghts | weaknesses |
-The choice of products with more than 7500 references
-Chronodrive.com offer Low prices for its customer, free service
-A powerful loyalty program-Secure payment
-A lot of services-consumer is informed by the website for current promotions | -Ergonomics website look like similar to that auchandrive.fr-There are Fears that it is more expensive-ThereareFears that the products not delivered. |
opportunities | threats |
-New market to conquer
-Few competitors, for now
-More and more customers to save time so rapid response to their needs. |-Implementation of new competitors such as Auchan drive.-Chronodrive is a victim of its success:To have too much store in a small space may prevent some stores to make more profit |

selling style onChronodrive
The sales goes as follows: one chooses his store on the site, we choose our products, and it is either surrender or we will look at the times when you want at store.
the consumer isassisted on website by a virtual seller who can guide virtual on functionality and mode of operation of controls
(attachment 1)
Technical analysis of website.
Letter box:
Here, drop-down menus underthe tabs of category are really rich. Not too much loaded in text. Pictures to guide more quickly the pressing Internet user. And call-to-action at the bottom of menu. It is simple readable(legible)and that comes to guide the Internet user.
The search engine.
There, it is not very innovative
On chronodrive there are many references and it are found by the search engine.this application...