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The company Ebay has strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The purpose of a SWOT analysis is taken into account in the strategy, internal and external factors, maximizing thepotential of strengths and opportunities, and minimizing the effects of weaknesses and threats.


- Ebay is the world’s largest online auction website. It is a giant marketplace used bymillions of people all over the world to buy and sell all things.

- The company uses the power of customer relationship management by collecting data of buyers and sellers registered with thecompany.

- Ebay has made a very powerful platform for both sellers and buyers by being seamless and invisible but at the same time facilitating Customer to Customer relationship.

- Ebaychose to diversify not only its products but also its market, by branching and localizing in countries like China etc.

- Ebay acquisition Paypal to support its online auction with a robustpayment method. Ebay has a mode of payment very secure.


- Ebay has a very bad job of controlling fake or illegal auctions. There are numerous auctions still out there whose mainpurpose is to scam the buyers or are illegal auctions.

- The sellers being able to enforce the payment method of their choice. Indeed, if the buyers choose a payment method like money, he is notprotecting from losing his money.

- Sellers charge prices for products and then they increase the price of shipping as much as twice the price of the product.

- service less convenientthan the flea markets (no relation buyers sellers)

- No area of expertise (knowledge of the value objects)


- popularity of second-hand market

- Possibleestablishment of franchises

- Changing attitudes favorable to the Internet, thus Ebay

- Ebay has always believed in diversifying in every possible way so using its diversifying techniques, Ebay...