Swot singapor airline

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Analyse SWOT Singapor Airlines :

Strengths | Weaknesses |
* A modern fleet(airplane renewal every 6 year maximum). * Differentiation toward the competition: higher quality services (Comfort luxury). * A customer politic orientation (faithful program). * Network communicationand retailing efficient. * Wide choice of destinations and regular flights. * Company deemed and credible * Growing in Asia/Pacific Market * The first user of the A380 (innovative andenterprising company) | * High prices (very specific market segment) * Presence only in capitals (due to their positioning, they can’t be implemented locally) * High cost level (Entry and renewalinvestments are important: limit and slowdown the creation of new lines) * Difficulty for international coordination (different areas, cultures, management types…) |
Opportunities | Threats |
*Globalization: the international transport demand has significantly increased. Nowadays the flight industry is essential for the global economy and a key actor. * Diversified geographical spread *Enrichment of the developing countries (new market potential) * Increase in Transpacific Cargo | * The entry of low cost flight company * Fuel cost increase with the time, and it’s not asustainable resources * The industry activity level is highly linked to the economic cycles and geopolitics context. (Increase of environmental aspect and security preoccupation. The infrastructures haveto be performant and correspond to the demand evolution. * Weak turnover ratio * Unbalanced business portfolio Increasing aviation from low cost airlines. * Instability of the Middle East....
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