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Immortelle Divine

L'Occitane Immortelle Divine anti-aging product, has shown to have a lot of success in the past year(Prospectus 2010).
Its major strength lies in the brandperception by its customers. Indeed L'Occitane now exists for more than 30 years, it is therefore perceived as being among the renowned and trustworthy companies. Moreover L'Occitane brand is not onlyattached to the concept of natural products, but is also fortify by very strong values and belief. L'Occitane is among the few companies that are highly involved in corporate social responsibilities andSustainable development. Indeed, L'Occitane is in partnership with 25 associations which fights for different causes such as:
• Support to visually impaired people
• Economic emancipation of women• Preservation of knowledge of nature
This being the case, it helps to the promotion of its products. Since nowadays customers are more prompted to buy from companies that strongly hold to ethicsand values.
It is obvious that the products also present inevitable weakness. The main one is the price. As a matter of fact, Immortelle Divine is priced at $139.95 for 50mL. Affordabilityremains one of the unsolved matter.

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian ageing population has shown an increase. In addition to that, nowadays more and morepeople are concerned about their skin and appearance; therefore age is their major worry. Details of this growing insight can be viewed at Simply Anti Aging website at . Immortelle Divine seizes theperfect occasion to be promoted. Being natural based, aging people are less worried about side effects compared to treatments such as botox or injections. Moreover creams still much more affordable thanbotox which varies from $400- 1000$ and more according to the Sydney Cosmetic Centre website
Many other opportunities can be presented such as promotion in famous magazines such as Marie- Claire,...