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Australia is on Oceania continent.
Sydney is the city more populated of Australia with a population of 4 284 379 (four million two hundred and eighty four thousand threehundred and seventy nine) inhabitants. (en 2005)
Sydney is the capital of Wales news of the south.

identity card of Sydney: country:Australiastate:News Galles of the south
region:New South Wales
postal code:NSW 2000population: (2006) 4 284 379
density:345/hab/km²Lord-mayor:Ms Clover Moore
money:Australian dollar (AU$)


The first inhabitants of Australia are Aborigenes.
They arrivedapproximately 50 000 years ago. (fifty thousand)
On January 26, 1788 (seventeen eighty eight) The British arrive at Sydney and assert Australia like her colony.
So, since this day, January 26th isthe national feastday.
After, much of other colonies were formed.And on January 1st, 1901 six colonies federate for become The Commonwealth of Australia.
So, the country is seperate in 6 states and 2territories.
Jorn Utzon had realist Opera House and 14 years ago in October, 23rd 1973 there was the inauguration with Elisabeth II who is Queen of Australia.


Today, Sydney is frameof the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Montains Blues in the west, the river Hawkesbury in north and the plate of Woronora in south.
Over there, there is mainly that houses.
The climate is pleasantknowing that seasons are reversed.

Tourist city

Sydney is a international tourist city thanks to her beaches and her monuments like the famous Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.
There are...