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In Europe, the uniform is not worn in public schools. However, private schools can require the port of the uniform or at least to respect a strict dress code. It'snot the same in the United Kingdom and in Ireland, where the majority of the public schools impose a uniform. Then, in the United States, most of the publicschools do not impose a uniform but have generally dress codes, which regulate in particular the length of skirts and forbids the port of pierced or damaged clothes whichlet see underwear or skin.

First I think that wearing a uniform is great because it enables you to spend less time to get dressed and of course it’s lessexpensive than brand name clothes, what allows to make no difference between the pupils: some who have less money wouldn’t be embarrassed because of the clothes they haveto wear. Then, it would be easier to say at which schools they belong and it would prevent the racket or the bullying.
However, I think that wearing uniform isridiculous because it prevents you from expressing your personality. Moreover it's expensive for parents who haven't enough money to spend it in the school uniform.Finally I find it’s so old-fashioned even ugly.

To conclude I wouldn’t have to wear a uniform ; on one hand because it’s easier, you don’t have to worry aboutwashing your clothes everyday because you have a variety of your own clothes. On the other hand because I find it too old-fashioned and I can’t show my ownpersonality, we look like to everybody . Then I feel more comfortable with my own clothes on, that’s why I wouldn’t die if I have to wear it, but I would just rather have one.