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Could you live without technology? Weigh the pros and the cons and gives examples. (300 words)

I think to I couldn’t live without technology but it will be so hard after have to lived with that.Nowadays, technologies are everywhere! People have a mobile phone for to call anybody, anywhere and anytime… It’s more useful if there is an accident or a problem. Secondly, it is very used byteenagers for sent messages to their friends. Maybe, mobile phone is become a drug for teenagers and it driving them addicted now. It’s the same thing for computers because of internet and websites likeFacebook, or Msn and because of games online like Word of Warcraft.
Teenagers have to need to go to computer, maybe for to prove to themselves anything and to have a virtual life outside their quotidianproblems. Even, Internet can be very useful for to have different information... For homework’s teenagers, for news, for to search everything...
But, I think to I could live without new technologiesbecause it’s not essential in a life. On the contrary, technologies segregate teenagers of their family, they become alone and uncommunicative except their friends... Technologies create problems andquarrels. Without that, they would be more often with their parents and they would be word better on the school... Some teenagers do never homework at home, they prefer to go on the computer for tosee new activities of their friends on Facebook, others prefer to play at video games, or others prefer to call their friends... and it lasts during some hours, and they forget their homework.Technologies have a very big place in our society, and they make us independent. Technologies are positives aspects, if there is a problem, with a mobiles phone it’s a help more rapid and with computers it’sa good occupation... but technologies are negatives aspects too, it’s very dangerous for the family links, and for the studies. And also for the strange persons on Internet, it can be more...