Teenage gansters shoot down the american dream

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This text is an article, entitled “Teenage gangsters shoot down the American Dream”
It is an extract from The Weekly Telegraph published in 1994.
It deals with the American gangs and the reasons of the existence of these gangs and their consequences according to the reporter.
We can divide this text into 3 parts :
-The first one will be “Agang member’s story” and we will talk
About James Wade life
-The second, alludes to facts and figures on American violence
- The third one, will be a analysis about the gangs customs’
-Finally the last part explain us political link between the state and the creation of these gangs


In this text, we can see that the subject of this article is James Wade.It lead
To show us that it ‘s a really concrete example.given that James Wade is written in capital letters. It attracts the reader’s attention.
From the very first sentence, we learn that James Wade was in this youth a gangster.The journalist then is depicting James Wade’s past. He joined a gang at 12 and finished in jail.Eventually we know that at 17, he was shot in the neck.
On theparagraph number 2, the journalist alludes to James Wade’s life today. We notice “now” “has become”. Before he was shot, he was a gang member and after he has become a peacemaker. Actually, with this accident he could have been killed. For him, it’s like he was allowed by God to survive , we can see different religious references : “believe’’ ‘’was allowed’’ : passive voice he wants to thank God bysaving other gang members ‘’he could save’’. Since the moment he’s committed to save other people : it was is duty.


We are going to talk about facts and figures on American violence
The journalist uses precise terms and figures “is becoming increasingly violent’’l.15 The adverb “increasingly» emphasizes these American violence among the younggangsters : “ murder arrests for children between 10 and 14 went up by a third between 1988 and 1992. It shows that teenagers are more and more interesting by violence, guns, and murders. They may be influenced by films and think that violence seems to be normal and they make identification with the heroes seen on TV.
Moreover in the USA, it’s a really easy to get a gun, however the age becauseas it said in the text there are between 200 to 400 million guns in the USA.
The fact is nowadays, guns killed more teenage boys.
According to the reporter, the number of guns explains this growing increasing violence but it’s not the only cause since guns are only part of the problem.
Other reasons reasons to explain this violence is poverty due to unemployment : it’s like a vicious circle :families live in ghettos called inner cities, they don’t find work, in the same way child don’t success at school because they don’t have any help at home for the homework and they lose interest in school.

In fact, in this article, the reporter takes the example of the city of Phoenix, Arizona.
On the one hand this city attracts wealthy people but on the other hand there are gangsters inpart of the city and like it is said in this article gang warfare is strangling thet streets L.23
The city doesn’t do anything to prevent this violence.
The rich think by settling in Phoenix they are safe, they don’t care about the poor who soot at one another. There is a social gap between the haves and the have-not.


The reporter focuses on the way of gangmembership have to look.
Actually if you want to belong to a gang, you have to follow some rules :
-you have to wear a certain uniform , certain colours ‘’James still wears his gang’s blue when he returns to his old neighbourhood’’ L.26-27
-you have to make a tattoo ‘’tattoos are de riguer’’l.L29
In fact each gang has his territory. A gang can own several blocks : each gang wants to to get bigger...