Tentations digitales ( anglais )

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What Are Involvement Techniques?
You have read many sales pages in your life, either sales copies sent to you through mail or sales copies that greeted you as you loaded up a page on the Internet. Some of these sales pages were souneventful that you quickly left them as soon as you started reading them. Some of these sales pages managed to catch your attention… but faltered to maintain it. After the first few sentences, you’ve had enough and you went to other websites instead. Some of these sales pages almost, almost, ALMOST got you to buy. Sadly, they lost you somewhere… either because they didn’t tell you what to do (nocall to action) or they didn’t give you enough incentive to act immediately. But there were a few of these sales pages that were so powerful, so effective, so moving, that they managed to hold on to you from beginning to end, and when their offers were revealed, you were left with no choice but to say “YES!” These are the sales pages that made you buy whatever they were selling without hesitation...
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