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Dear …. (formule d’intro + politesse)

[Many people enjoy practicing sports for several reasons.
I also enjoy classical dancing.]

We could easily make a huge listnaming each sport that exists but we can more or less classify them by kinds.
* Aquatic sports such as swimming, sealing, scuba diving
* Sports in teams such asfootball, basketball, handball
* Athletics sports or fight sports, where you are alone against one or more opponents
* Either relaxation sports like yoga for people whosuffer from stress.
* And so on…

We have always been aware of the advantages that sports were giving to our body, making it stronger and feeling healthier.Moreover, many people think that practicing sports would make them live older and with a lot more of energy.

Concerning myself, I’m a runner. I enjoy running because it enablesme to make some space in my head while running, by breathing.

To have a healthy body, it is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables, not to smoke, and practice sports asa hobby!

Many sports exist but there’re many kinds like aquatic sports as swimming pool, sealing , scuba diving…
Or ball sports like football, basket ball, americanfootball…
Or fight sport like boxe…
Relaxation sports like yoga for people with stress. And other many kind of sports…
The advantages sports make us fitter and are inbetter health. Many people think that practice sports make live older and with more energy.

For me, when I run. I enjoy because allows me to make space in my head and Ibreath oxygen.
Besides classical dance can meet new people.

To have an healthy body it necessary to eat many fruits to don’t smoke and practice sport and envoy it.