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Can the use of violence and terrorism ever be justified?
I-When a message must to passed, it’s must to be radical.
II-the terrorism it’s the new style of war.

In the History, a lot ofpeople must resist to an aggressive idea, an aggressive organisation or state. As an example, during the World War Two, according to the French government of Vichy, the Resistance fighters wereterrorists. In order to oppose to the oppression, they sabotaged rails, destroyed building, killed people, …

I- First of all, the terrorism results to an aggression by an idea, a population inside aterritory… For them, the enemy is among them. As they fight for a population, an idea, for their ideal life, they want to be settled. If they are radical into the action, in a world where there are sixbillions of people, it’s often because they think they have not other solution. They apply this sentence: “we can kill the men but not the idea” which allowed them to shock the world in fighting on theirown country against some of their own neighbours.

II- One thing leading to another, the fighters who are called terrorists pass their message in terrorising the population all over the world. Theroot of the word terrorism is terror. For a bigger preoccupation about their problems, terrorists make scary attacks. They want to terrorize the democratic populations because they know the citizensmanage their states, presidents and could change the world politic. Unfortunately, their way to communicate is antidemocratic because in a republic state, every life is important, essential, untouchableand fundamental. Taking it would be tragic, unthinkable… According to them, these voting people can change the future of the terrorist‘s population.

Finally, there is still a question:According to a terrorist, what is the concept of the life? Nowadays, new wars begin because of the terrorism. It may be the voice of a little community who is crushed by a more imposing state and his...