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Electric Range
user manual

imagine the possibilities
Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at


features of your new range
Enhanced convenience. Better cooking. Easy maintenance. Your new electric range has been designed to bring you these benefitsand more.

• The latest in heat-distribution technology
Other ranges with just one fan tend to make a swirl of heat that fails to cover the whole inside of the oven. This means uneven heat distribution and uneven cooking. Your new range has Surround Airvection™, which Samsung innovated by adding a third heating element and a multi-fan system that circulates the heat evenly in all directions. Youget more efficient energy consumption and more even cooking.

• Steam Quick cleaning
Thanks to Steam Quick™, Samsung’s unique technology for light-duty cleaning jobs, keeping your oven spick-and-span is a snap — no hassle, no odor, no chemicals. Steam Quick™ cleans the inside of your range with high-temperature steam in just 20 minutes.

• Bigger is better
With a capacity of 5.7 cubic feet,your new range is equipped with more space than any of its competitors in the U.S. market. This means greater convenience for you when cooking for the holidays or when entertaining.

• A cooktop with 5 burners
Four main burners with two that dial heat up to different pot sizes. A smaller warming burner in the center of the range top.

important safety instructions
Read and follow allinstructions before using your oven to prevent the risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury, or damage when using the range. This guide does not cover all possible conditions that may occur. Always contact your service agent or manufacturer about problems that you do not understand.

WARNING: This symbol alerts you to hazards or unsafe practices that could cause serious bodilyharm or death. CAUTION: This symbol alerts you to hazards or unsafe practices that could cause bodily injury or property damage. Do not attempt or use. Do not disassemble. Do not touch. Follow directions explicity. Unplug the power plug from the wall socket. Make sure the machine is grounded to prevent electric shock. Call the service center for help. Note

To reduce the risk oftipping the range, the range must be secured by a properly installed Anti-Tip device. Refer to the installation manual for instructions.

ALL RANGES CAN TIP AND CAUSE INJURIES TO PERSONS INSTALL THE ANTI-TIP DEVICE PACKED WITH RANGE FOLLOW ALL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Do not step, lean, or sit on the doors of the range. These can cause the range to tip, resulting in burns or seriousinjuries. Check to see that the Anti-Tip device is installed properly. Then grasp the top rear edge of the range and carefully attempt to tilt it forward. Verify that the Anti-Tip device is engaged. If you pull the range out from the wall for any reason, make sure the device is properly engaged when you push the range back against the wall. If it is not, there is a possible risk of the range tippingover and causing injury if you or a child stand, sit or lean on an open door.

Important safety instructions _

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including the following: Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this Owner’s Manual. Potentially hot surfaces include the cooktop, areas facing the cooktop, ovenvent opening, surfaces near the opening, crevices around the oven door. Be sure your appliance is properly installed and grounded by a qualified technician. Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically recommended in the manual. All other servicing should be referred to a qualified technician. Always disconnect power to appliance before servicing by removing the fuse...