Text review italian ice cream

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Text review Italian ice-cream banned by ASA

This document is an article from The Guardian, a British newspaper written by Sarah Kimberley the 15th September of2010.
The main topic is the debate around an advertising mixing religion and an ice-cream.
The text can be divided into two parts. The first part talking aboutthe Catholic’s reaction and the other one about the ideas of the advertising executives.
Firstly, the advertising watchdog has banned a controversial print ad for anItalian ice-cream maker featuring a heavily pregnant nun with the strapline "Immaculately conceived", after complaints it is offensive to Christians.
Ice-creamcompany Antonio Fedirici's campaign received reclamation from complainants argued the ad was offensive to Christians, particularly those who practice Catholicism.However, the company said the idea of "conception" represented the development of their ice-cream. The use of religious imagery was in part because of the company'scommitment to ice-cream using satire and humor showing attitudes of the church to social issues.
The ASA (the advertising standards authority) said the use of apregnant nun and the reference to Immaculate Conception was "likely to be seen as a distortion and mockery of the beliefs of Roman Catholics".
Furthermore, last year theASA banned an ad campaign by the company featuring a young nun and priest about to share a kiss after complaints that it was offensive to those in a religious order.To conclude this ad is the latest of Antonio Federici, but the journalist imagines that it probably will not be the last using the feature of “free publicity”.
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