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She told me the story yesterday. She told me about how she had told her boyfriend to do the cooking for a change. She told himthat she had had enough of slaving for him. When she said this to me last week, I said to her : I am sure that your boyfriend will understand.You have brought that thing up before, and now I am sure that you will only have to hint at it. My boyfriend is not so good. I started bydropping a hint, but he cannot take a hint, and he always says to me : what are you getting at ? I will have to teach him to be quicker on theuptake. And sometimes he is really hopeless. When I ask him for The Times, he brings me The Guardian. I cannot even ask him how to get to thestation : he does not answer anything. He just does not answer me. He cannot be bothered to answer me that he does not know the answer.

What wasthe matter with John ? I urged him to see his G.P. as soon as possible. I advised him a visit to the doctor, I advised seeing a doctor, asonly a doctor could advise him. No doubt a doctor would give him expert advice. I did not have a clue what the matter was with him, and who thebest specialists were. “Let the doctor know about your past”, I advised him, and keep me informed of what he has proposed. I have heard ofthat doctor, he has a good reputation. And beware : I want to hear it all from you personally, John. If you lie, it will show on your face.”