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Running Away

The story takes place in the small town at the North of London city, a small village above wich, frequently violents rain falling. Its inhabitants has been for only refuge thelittle and single bar ‘The Australopitek’. Which is bound by a young woman ; her name was Marion.
It was at less one kilometer of every habitations. Every inhabitants could be reach the bar on foot. Thisbar was warm and there were cards games every time.
A person who coming in, and who not living in the city was considered like a suspect or was looked at askance. It is more normal when thispersonne enter, he has been 'suspected'. It’s why this man who was dressed in black with a dark hood on his head and who not allowed a glimpse of his face. He sitted down at the bar and ordered a beer,under the attention’s eye of everyone. He has drinks its beer and he come back. When he came out everyone return to their activities ...
Except the bartender, Marion, who seemed very disturbed by thedeparture of the man. What the others did’t knew was that the man handed him a piece of paper on which was write something that she couldn’t decipher « DEAD. 3 teerts yawlooc Seluj Nileva.».
Marionfinished his day rather quietly and come back to her home, she looks worried, as if she sensed bad things.
The next morning, returning to the bar do the opening, the story of this 'message' was abit out of her head ... Until the postman passed in front of the bar, he distributed a stack of newspapers like every morning, waiting the first client, she began to leaf through the local newspaper andshe discovered that his friend, Jules Avelin was dead! He was killed on his doorstep at 3 rue coolway! Suddenly she came out the message of the strange character of eve, it‘s now that she understood,and therefore she successful to deciphering the message «DEAD. 3 teerts yawlooc Seluj Nileva » did «3 streets coolway Jules Avelin gonna dead» . Marion blamed herself terribly for hasn’t take the...