Texte sur une greve au cambodge

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Cambodian clothing workers take to streets over conditions.
This text is an article from the news paper “the independent”, written by SarahStrickland the 23th June 2000. This text’s title is “Cambodian clothing workers take to streets over conditions”; it’s about a strike in the streets of Phnom-Penh.This text talks about the conditions of the clothing workers in Cambodia. Essentially from USA or European factories who are installed in this country due tolow pay and unskilled labor (labour). In the first part, the text precise the evolution of the numbers of the foreign factories in Cambodia. We can see that thisnumbers increased in the four last years, passing from 30 factories to 178. We can also say that the worth of the garments factories increased too.
In thesecond part, the text precise the causes of this strike. Effectively, the work’s conditions in this country are worst compare in the USA or European countries.They complain about, low pay, long hours, unpaid forced overtime, summary dismissals, verbal and physical abuse and no sick leave. And we do not mention thefactories that don’t pay the minimum wage. They also talk about some acts from firms, for example, they want to give themselves good consciousness or good image,and they send so inspectors examine the Cambodian workers conditions of their own factories.
In conclusion, we can see that this system to going to anothercountries to finding cheap and unskilled workforce, will work only during a certain time. And maybe in several years, people all around the world will be equal.