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Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on fourth Thursday of November.
This day, the American families meet themselves to celebrate the good fortune which they were able to have during the past year.Nowadays, the meal of the Action of grace traditionally consists of a turkey roasted, accompanied with potatoes - often sweet potatoes - of French beans and tart in the pumpkin. For those who do notlike Turkey, a Roast or Prime Rib is common. As tradition has it in most families, a special prayer of thanks precedes the meal. In many homes, family members will each mention something they arevery thankful for.
Thanksgiving is a time for families to create traditions and memories which last a lifetime.
Of Numerous villages organize parades the day of Thanksgiving, and the most known iscertainly the one sponsored in New York by Macy's department stores.

But Thanksgiving is not only the opportunity, for the Americans, to feast. The day after thanksgiving is also known under thenickname " Black Friday ".
In this case black means lot of people in crowded stores, because on Friday is the start of the season of the purchases of Christmas and stores compete in promotions toattract the buyers and get rid of the ballast from them as fast as possible of their savings. Last year, they were 60 millions to answer the appeal
Thanksgiving is a day of action of graces to thank theIndians and the Sky for having allowed the first pilgrims come from England to settle down and to live on the American ground thanks to the good harvests which they had.
Here the story: Around fourhundred years ago many people in England were unhappy because their King would not let them pray to God as they liked. The King said they must use the same prayers as HE did and if they refused theywere persecuted, imprisoned or even killed.
These Englishmen left their home and went far away to a country called Holland. In Holland they were happy but they were very poor. Then when the...