The american dream

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The American Dream. This concept is specific to the United States and is based on different ideas as meritocracy, individual acts... in order to reach prosperity. This dream has bounds with liberalism too.
The three texts “Inequality and the American Dream”, “Myths and the middle class” and “Wake up : the American Dream is over” permit to get a complete view of this notion.
What isits place in the American Society?
What limits, today, come in front this concept?
Who are the detractors of it ?
First, we’ll show that the American Dream is at the roots of the American society before observing they are several obstacles to its realization nowadays. Finally, we’ll discuss about those who criticize this American Dreams in its soul.

So first of all, let’s begin ourdiscussion talking about the American Dream as a concept at the roots of the American Society.
We’re going to explain it’s a model of life. In deed, the American Dream is like a theory whom you can do what you want working. It means you can go through the inequalities which exist. For example, you can climb the social ladder and have a higher position than your parents. And no one can stop you. In thisway, the State doesn’t have to occupy an important position. Thus, the taking of risks is very important in this theory. You have to take decisions and to act in order to reach social and economic prosperity. This taking of risks surely provokes dynamism in the society but also competition. In deed, if meritocracy exists, people who work the harder will be better than the others. In fact, theAmerican Dream is a wish to access to the Middle Class. The Middle Class is the one where the people have succeeded but are modest. In deed, they don’t consider themselves as people of the upper class. This middle class is at the foundations of the consumer society but we’ll talk about it later.
Now, we are going to show how this dream is effective and influent. First, this American Dream is effectivebecause it has been made in application. It isn’t just a theory because some american policies have been decided in its sense. The text “Inequality and the American Dream” quotes the GI Bill. In deed, the money given to the soldiers after the second world war has permitted them to go back studying or to have a housing. It was like a renewal. Then, this American Dream has managed to export to thewhole world thanks to globalization from the end of the Second World War. Thus, a standard of living is spread to all the world in an aim of consuming. Consuming concerns entertainments, needs, health, housing... Consequently, the United States have become a model at a global level. That’s why famous companies, movies, habits... are american.
Finally, we are going to see that it has repercussionson the American culture at different levels. We’ll talk later about the importance of the inequalities in the American Dream but we can observe now that it provokes things on the culture (medias and politics). First, this American Dream has consequences on the political system. Some are corrupted (“Its politics is awash with lobbyist inspired corruption”). It’s caused by the importance of money,the wish to touch prosperity. The political system is touched too and the lobbies threats the objectivity of the State. But others are concerned by the politics and a lot of Americans are patriotic and want to invest themselves in politic. Concerning the medias, they are divided between some of good quality (documentaries, good dramas..) and some things like tabloids who just try to get money.Though The American Dream has been given credit for helping to create a cohesive America, it has also been reproach to amplify inequalities. In deed, despite the fact that the American Dream is based on the principle of inequalities as a good way to increase the will to surpass oneself, it has definitely widened the gap between the rich and the poor. It becomes even more worrying insomuch as...