The boy in the striped pajamas

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1°)Describe what you did in Lycée Sarcey while the class was in London : How many did you go to school? Did you like the teachers? Why(not) ?Did you attend new classes ? Comparethe atmosphère in youri usual class and in the new class.

Monday, I first met my new class, I was very stressed. I went to school for 9.30 am. The students wasn’t nice with me, they whisperedabout me. At the end of the day when I entered in the science class room, a boy called me and I went to sit near him. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was sick and I stayed at home.On Thursday I went toschool and I havent got anything to tell about this day. On Friday, I was very excited to see Emma. I really missed her. I liked their mathematic teacher, she’s really dynamic but I really prefer myclass, we are more friands .In their class they dont seem to be friends . Sometimes, they are mean together.

2°)Translate into french «  Author’s note » in the book ( p.217-218)

I havent got« author’s note » in my book, the last pages (214-215) are chapter twenty the last Chapter.

3°) Watch the video of «  the boy in the striped pyjamas »
Write a présentation of the film and give youopinion about the way the book was adapted by the director Mark Herman. Do you like it?
Be critical and use the expérience from. The cinéma & audio-visuel lessons to make your productions persona andrallye interesting.

The opening séquence of the film shows us the happiness of childhood, It’s a long shot outdoors, showing , the children running, there is sun, children are laughing. There is acalm music with a piano, the realisator use a happy shot with a sad music, It lets us suppose that the rest of the movie will be tragic.

The realisator has chosen Asa Butterfield to beBruno. I think that it’s a very good choice
Asa really acts very well a little german boy who has been educated with nazi principes.
In the beginning of the movie, the family is happy, they are...