The boy in the striped pyjamas

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The boy in the striped pyjamas
Father He is a Nazi. He is a newly promoted as a commandant by a concentration camp. He is a soldier and very proud of his promotion because it’s an honor and he waschosen by Hitler himself. He is agree because if he refused he puts his life at risk. As a soldier, he had to obey orders. He thinks the Jews are the enemies of them because he lost the First World War(= Great War). They decided to exterminate the Jews. They sent them to concentration camp. They made them work and starved (=affamé) then and finally killed them in gas chambers and then burned them.He has been brought up to hate the Jews, to become a soldier obey orders. He does it to restore the glory of Germany.
His wife At first, she doesn’t want to know what her husband does. And then,when she realizes what is going on in the camp, starts nothing her husband and she calls him a monster. She wants to leave her husband. She can’t understand why her husband can’t do such awful things.Gd-father He is very proud of his son and of been German because he is helping to the glory of his country
Gd-mother She doesn’t agree with the policy of the Nazis. She is not proud of her son at all.She refused to visit her son at the new house. She pretended she was sick and a few days later she died in the bombing of Berlin. Hitler himself sent flowers for her funeral. The daughter wanted toremove the flowers because of the grand-mother’s idea. But her husband stopped her from doing it because Hitler wanted to send flowers. It’s all that matters!! (C’est tout ce qui compte, importe)Kotler Lieutenant Kotler is a very good Nazi. Gretel is attracted to him. He gives her magazines and posters with Nazi’s symbol to indoctrinate her and that changes her personality completely. She throwsher dolls away and becomes a Nazi. Before the Second World War started, his father left Germany because I didn’t agree with the Nazi’s regime. He went to Switzerland the only neutral country in the...