The bugs

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He is not crazy.
He knew why people would think he was crazy, he had thought of it all. In fact, that is exactly what makes him so right. My analytical skills allow me to reflect upon my ownsituation, thus my judgment has not been impaired. Whatever institution I am in. I know all about what the so-called government does. I secretly think that everyone knows. Either they are too scared to doanything about it, or are afraid to appear mental. But i am not afraid of people’s judgements nor am i afraid of what might happen to me. Because it only takes one shepherd to lead a flock of sheep.He can still remember the day he found out. It was, as most men would say, an average day. He woke up at quarter to seven by familiar alarm clock buzzer. The buzzer he has had for the past 12 years.The buzzer that brings him out of his dreams into reality. A reality he can now see clearly. After his usual dry toast and black coffee, he was startled to hear his telephone ring. Very odd, hethought, considering it was barely past 8 o’clock on a Wednesday morning. What would seem to most people as a harmless prank call didn’t seem so harmless to a certain Gregory Burnside of 44, lakesideavenue, of Bangor, Maine. What Gregory found out when he heard an unmistakable double-click as he answered the phone was only the beginning of his discovery. The discovery that privacy and freedom areillusions.
The after-taste of the coffee lingered unpleasantly on his breath as he wandered to work, dazed by his eye-opening experience. All around his office, everything suddenly seemed so harmful anduninviting, so gray and robotic. The monotone noises of the bureaucrat world sounded out a clear message of despair: we, the people, were at a faceless government’s feet, begging for acceptance, andnobody else seemed to notice.
The Internet, thought Greg, was a great tool in the government’s toolbox. Online shopping, online banking, online living, seemed the norm of the time, every single...