The business world

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A Changing business world
For a very long time business world has always been changing because of the society mutations. Wars, economic crisis and also technologic progress have their importance ineconomic market evolution. Let us read how the arrival of women in the business, globalisation and climatic disaster have their important in the evolution of business world.
First of all, a changeappeared with the entrance of the women on the labor market just after the second world war. Indeed, after six years working in the factory’s while their husband were fighting, women pretended at theright to work and own their money. Since this day business world and the men who composed it were obliged to adapt at new rules. Women arrived with a newspirit, a new way of thinking forcing business world to progress. First, mathematicly the arrival of millions of women on labor market increased competition between people and of course productivityfor the happiness of companies. Secondly came the social problems due to women arrival : half time contracts, maternity holidays, parity objective. Since 1945 working women number never stopped toincrease. For example in France, 6,7 million women were active in 1962, they are 12,1 millions today. The women represent more than 46 % of the working population in 2010 for only 30 % in the 60s.Twenty years ago the new technologic coming maid the business changing. The main business actors have been obliged to adapt with this new environnement. The main innovation of this changement is internetand the consequencies it implies for the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. This is theall rules of business world that changed because of live informations and more generally the acceleration of communication rythme. Jobs disappeared, other jobs were born, as an answer to the new...