The caretaker: identity papers

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Question 1
1) Aston and Davies have adopted a very strange kind of communication; very short replies, long silences. That both characters may not show feel at ease.
First, Davies and Aston arenot friends, they don’t know each other much. Secondly it’s the first time Davies is in Aston and Mike’s place. So Davies may feels uncomfortable but this conversation is made to give the audienceinformation about the characters, specially their psychological profiles. This why all along the period of silence, the audience can understand the characters and have a better knowledge of them.

2)The two characters are Davies and Aston, in this play the scene takes place in a house, a room, on stage. Davies is a tramp. He is introduced in the room by Aston who lives with Mike; there both seemto be in a kind of misery.

3) The play starts with Mick, Aston’s friend, alone in the room. Davies and Aston join him and they start talking. Aston prays Davies to sit down but Davies evoquesthe fact that he hasn’t had a good sit down and he reminds the two characters of the place where he worked with a lot of foreign people. The dialogue between Aston and Davies is about Davies life. Atthe beginning of the play gives a very detailed description of the room on the stage. So attention is, when Davies is given shelter his drawn by the fact that this room doesn’t looks like bed room buta junk room. Moreover the room is sometimes exposed to draughts that Davies underlines:”What in that”, “get very draughty”. Through the dialogue between Aston and Davies the reader’s attention issurprised by the fact that Aston’s replies are very short almost one or two words:”ah,” are you?”. Moreover in between lots of “pause” are indicated. This shows that Aston doesn’t seem interested byDavies preoccupations.

Question 2

We don’t know much about Aston and mike identity. For exemple, Aston didn’t give his name. we know much about davies. Davies told us that he is being McDavies or...