The catcher in the rye

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Salinger uses a lot of description. He uses it discreetly and by using his own technic. He passes it through the emotion, quality, orcharacteristic of a character. For example, he gave a lot of unimportant details like the street names, the description of a character without any importance, or other various information. He transmits hisattentiveness through Holden who has this quality too. The paragraphs are separated not necessarily by subjects or themes, but more precisely by thoughts or ideas. Shorter paragraphs get indirectlymore focus on the audience’s mind and Salinger uses this way to make the story clearer, for his advantage. This author is strategic even if we are not able to notice it at the first look. He tried tostructure the story by using the juxtaposition. For example: Ackley doesn’t considerate Holden, at the same time, Holden doesn’t considerate himself (bad self-esteem) while the protagonist judgesAckley. This shows a contradiction in his way of thinking and proves the hypocrisy of Holden’s critisms. Salinger shows the personality of Holden in his way to communicate. For example, Holden uses aspecial language. He often says: "if you want to know the truth`` tells Holden is afraid to say something that people won’t appreciate or will be disappointed of the society’s reaction ; in other words,he’s unsure. He uses ‘’you’’ as a personal pronoun to design the community, the outdoor world because he considers every person as everybody else. Holden has some difficulty to find the perfect words toexpress what he thinks but he admits it’s hard to him for example: "I don't exactly know what I mean by that," he says at one point, "but I mean it." Finally, Salinger knows when to break the heavinessof his subject matter with humor. It’s classis. It’s a way to balance the strength of the words (seriousness) used by the man who has written the book in the 1960’s.


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