The curious incident of the dog in the night-time

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Impact on families of Autism linked to the Boone’s Family
            To begin with, the norm can be defined as being where the majority of the people stands. However, every single human being is different in numerous altered ways. These social, emotional, logical or artistic differences are expressed in various manners and represent the intelligence of someone. In this way, a person that isconsidered as being mentally ill might have some major dissimilarities with the standards, but is not necessarily an idiot. These people are simply not at the same levels as the majority of people, the norm. It is obvious that anyone who is identified as mentally ill and lives with a “normal” family will have a huge impact on individuals and on his environment. In the novel The curious incident ofthe dog in the night-time by the author Mark Haddon, the main character, Christopher, is an autistic child who is classified as a high functioning autistic kid. Obviously, this child has a big impact on his surrounding environments, thus, people close to him and his family. The following essay will be looking at the impact of autism on families, as well as on Boone’s family as being typical or notof the families evolving with autistic children. In order to do so, it will first examine the general impact that an autistic child has on his family and will then continue with a comparison and analysis of Boone’s family in this current situation.
  At the outset, it is understandable that having a child suffering from high functioning autism is especially challenging for the parents. Moreover,it affects the extended family and the surrounding. This illness surely has no impact on the love that parents have for their child. There is always something special in the relationship between any parents and their child. Except in rare cases, both parents and their child will unconditionally love each other in their respective roles. In the case of an autistic child, this one might requireslightly or a lot more attention than a “normal child” would. Actually, there is something different in the relationship between an autistic child and his mom. More than any other kids, autistics require attention from their mother. The lack of presence of his mother in Christopher’s life definitely hinders the situation that the Boone’s family is going through. Beyond doubt, this absence isemotionally hard for the parents, as well as for the other brothers and sisters and, evidently, for the autistic child. Having such a child brings the family to adapt in many different aspects of their life because the consequences are definitely long-term ones. Thus, contrarily to what the Bonne’s family did, it is very important to be well informed about this concern when one of your children is autistic.By doing so, it will be easier to prevent problems that could easily be avoided and it will provide the child with the best possible guidance. For instance, the care of an autistic child requires taking the best decision about education, relationship with other children and family members, financial management and the list goes on. Studies have shown that families with an autistic child are notmore susceptible to break relationships than other families (quelles etudes?). In brief, in any situation including an autistic child, it is very important to overcome the problems and to have a good equilibrium for the greatest well of the whole family.
 In the case of the Boones, it is noticeable that this family is not typical of families with an autistic child. In fact, there are severalnegative counter reactions that have occurred in this family in reaction to having an autistic child. For instance, even if it was done in a purpose of helping and protecting his child, the father lied to his son about an extremely important issue for Christopher: his dog’s death. Furthermore, the negligent care that Ed provides to his son makes this autistic 15 years old child feel lonely and...