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First campaign

Dove launches a new product:
Dove is not a soap, Dove is a cream bar.
Promise : a unique « soap ».
Benefit : a softer and smootherskin.

Binary construction:
Description of the product (30”)
Demonstration of the product (30”)

Dove sticks to its strategy

Dove makes a point of being different:
Dove is not a soap, Dovedoes not dry your skin out like ordinary soaps.
The brand codes are stronger:
The Dove cream bar is the major element.
The Dove communication is a sender stand campaign.
New register :Testimonial

Dove takes a new posture : from a sender stand to a receiver stand campaign:

Dove is not a soap, Dove does not dry your skin out like ordinary soaps.
Though the codes remain the same.
Afemale consumer who uses the product.
The new strategy tries the wellbeing register.

2002 extension of the range

Dove enters new markets : body wash, hand wash, hair care, face care, bodylotions, tools…
Example : 18’’ TV spot : Dove has the same brand positioning and codes for shampoo as for cream bar.
Dove asserts its difference, its opposition to the competitors.
New testimonialsstanding on real-life experiences.

2004 : Dove commits, a real clearbreak with the market codes

Dove needed a new brand image. So they looked up on what makes beauty today.
Doveinvestigated throughout 10 countries and 3,000 women on what is beauty.
Dove denounces the beauty diktats forced by the media and wants women to accept themselves.
Dove fights for an evolution in beautydefinition.

Communicate differently

Using the new media communication, Dove is way ahead its competitors.
The campaign echoes the law project on the obligation to inform photoshopped images inadvertising.

School campaign : youth is a main target. Teenagers have a real problem with their image.

Self esteem found : entering the new media

The Dove brand gives a social dimension to...