The dreamtime (tjukurpa)

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Many websites dealing with the aborigines speak of a concept with a misleading name: the dreamtime. In fact, Tjukurpa, the real alangu word, has been translated in english as« Dreamtime » or « Dreaming » when Tjukurpa doesn't refer to dreaming; there is nothing unreal or imaginary for aborigine. « What really is the Tjukurpa? » would you ask. That's what we are going to explain.First, we are going to tell you about the generality of the things. Then, we would detailed the explanation of the world according to the Tjukurpa.

A°/ What really is Tjukurpa
Tjukurpa is thefoundation of Aborigine's culture. It explains much about the origin of their world, Australia, and these habitant. The originality of the conception resid in the fact that Tjukurpa is out of the Time,like a parallel world, acting on ours, and where all is intangible and spiritual. It refers to the time of creation as well as the present time. Passing the Dream, it is possible to communicate withspirits, decipher the meaning of omens, to cure diseases and other misfortunes. Tjukurpa is everywhere. It's the relationship between people, plants, animals and the physical features of the land.Knowledge of how these relationships came to be, what they mean and how they be maintained is the fact of ancestral spirits of the dreamtime like the kagaroo dreaming and the snake dreaming.| Tjukurpa is the traditional Law that explains existence and guides daily life. Tjukurpa is existence itself, in the past, present and future. Itprovides answers to important questions such as the creation of the world and how people and all living things fit into the picture of life. It is the base of the laws that sustain nature and all...