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The Fifth Child is a novel written by Doris Lessing, Dorris Lessing was born on 22nd October 1919, is a very famour English novelist, she has written many novels such as " The golden notebook" and"The Fifth Child" The First cover, we are under the impression, according to the way the photo is taken that the boy is sad and feels alone. He puts his hands agains, the windows as if he were lookingat people leaving him. On the second cover, we can see something which looks like both a human and a monster, finally in the third covers we can see a hadow. This is quite frightening because it is asif it jumped on you. In this extarct, this is the beginning of the story, the presentation of both Harriet and David. The scene takes place at a festive year-end betweencolleagues. At first we will talk about The mains characters and the others and finally we will talk about the meeting to harriet and david"

Harriet and David Were Rejected Because old-fashioned and TheOthers Were not like living in the 60's .They are stuck in the past. Harriet is very ordinary,her clothes and hair are out of date,strong she have blue eyes, curly dark hair unfashionable. She is veryshy,and doesn't want to be noticed. David is well dressed, un like Harriet, is different he looks younger than he really is and boy's looks nice and attractive. He wants to find a wife, a good motherfor his children, he's more mature than harriet, he wants to settle down and star a family.This Is The First Presentation Of The characters & their first meeting. The reader can build a firstimpression of H & D and have a global idea of their social situation.

Harriet and David are looking for the perfect partner, David could not have chosen a different partner because he dislikes thedancers, and he's too serioud-looking and Harriet is too shy to make friends with people of the party. They both rejecting, critazing other people and thes dislikes party!
The party is the starting...