The fifth child plot

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Plot Summary: The novel “The Fifth Child” by Doris Lessing, is about
two single adults, Harriet and David, who met at a party. David was
divorced, and sleeping with different women every night, and harriet
was single, and ready to settle down. As anyone could predict, the two
fall in love and get married. Their lifelong dream was to raise a large,
perfect family. They knew from the startthat they wanted many
children, “probably six”, Harriet suggested, although her mother in law
Dorothy thought that was an absurd amount. The Lovatts wasted no
time, and sure enough, their first child, Luke, was born. He was an
incredibly easy baby to care for. Soon after that, their second child,
Helen, was born. She was also extremely adorable, and caused the
family no trouble at all. Jane isborn two years after Helen, and then
Paul came along three years after that. With four children in the house,
Harriet and David were happy as could be, but they decided it was
time to take a break. The house was unusually crowded and harriet
was beginning to become extremely stressed out. The both decided
they needed a few years before having any more babies. To no ones
surprise, beforeChristmas of that same year, Harriet is pregnant again
for the fifth time, but this time, it was different then ever! During
pregnancy, Harriet was experiencing extreme discomfort, and a ton of
pain. The pain was so terrible and unusual, she couldn’t barely cope.
Just about a month before Harriet was due, she began to feel like she
was going into labor. David was out of town, so Dorothy rushedher to
the hospital. While in labor, Harriet knew something was just not right.
She was having more pain than ever before, and the baby was
impossible to push out. Unlike the other four children, who were about
seven pounds at birth, their new baby boy, Ben, was an unusually large
eleven pound baby. Not only was he excessively larger than the
others, but he looked nothing like them. In fact,he looked nothing like
a baby. He had very strange features. He had a yellowish tone to his
skin, and he looked like he had been a weight lifter. Harriet could
barely breast feed him because he drank all her milk in under two
minutes and it was wildly painful for her. When family would come over
for the holidays, Harriet and David would catch people whispering
about Ben, and saying that hegave them the creeps. Sometimes, they
would even compare him to a goblin or a dwarf. Ben is not only very
strong, but he is extremely aggressive. He finds great pleasure out of
beating his brothers and sisters, and even killing the family pets. The
other children and animals in the house are suffering from Ben, so the
Lovatts decide they have no other choice but to send ben to an
institution,where maybe he can learn how to behave. Now, the family
could go on. Everyone was satisfied with this decision to send Ben

away, except for Harriet. She decides to go visit her son, and when she
comes back, everyone is disappointed to see Ben come back with her.
Sure enough, his behavior has not changed. He is still destroying
everything in site, and continues to accept no love from any ofhis
family members.The Lovatt’s gardener, John, has been watching Ben
for a while now, and decided to introduce himself to him. Harriet and
David thought it was great that Ben was actually making a friend. Little
did they know, John was going to introduce Ben to his gang. His gang
now makes a huge mess in their home, and often robs stores, steals
cars, and commits many other crimes. Finally,Harriet and John are
alone in their big house like they were before they had any kids. None
of their relatives visit anymore and the children are living elsewhere,
because of Ben.
Title: The title of the novel, “The Fifth Child”, does not take much
thinking, and is very self explanitary. The novel is about a family who
lives a normal, average life, until the birth of their fifth child,...