The fifth child

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I. Harriet a maternal figure
This novel focuses on the arrival of Ben in the family, its impact on others. Indeed Ben destroys the family. The viewpoint is that of the mother (with an occasionalpassing the first person), who everyone seems to blame the existence of Ben. Harriet is without doubt the most character in this novel, she plays in our view is mainly a subjective narrator role. Wecan understand the meaning of the book, its moral, show us how difficult it is extremely painful after pregnancy Harriet immediately felt an aversion for his son who reminds him of "a gnome, a monsterfrom the end of time.
"She waited impatiently to exchange glances with this creature, she was sure, had tried to hurt him, but then there was no glimmer of recognition. And his heart ached with pityfor him, poor little thing, that her mother hated so much ... She heard nervously, trying to laugh: "It looks like a troll or a goblin." And she rocked against her, to compensate. But he was stiff andheavy. "
Harriet Although exhausted, protect Ben, the reason and love in his own way, a kind of pita. She was quickly able to obtain only the normal behavior, even if we feel the suffering of thechild who sees her difference but failed to change its appearance or that particular, nor his murderous impulses.

Thus, before the child uncomfortable, generous family did not hesitate to adoptinhuman behavior: the child is placed in an institution where everyone expects to see him die.
When Harriet decides to help him, he opposes a mute disapproval: yet for the player involved, but outsidethe scene, Harriet has adapted a legitimate behavior.

Whether driven by his duty as a mother or her responsibilities as an individual, Harriet works with a moral sense, yet his entourage seem tofind this abnormal behavior. Note that if Harriet parrait full of prejudices at first, she is particularly sympathetic, especially the one to respond.At the monstrosité Ben meets the absence of...