The future of marketing communication

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The future of Marketing Communication: Towards an “Ecosystem
of connected experiences” in a multi-channel, connected world
Prof. dr. Pieter Vijn
Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Lecture Microsoft Europe, 2010

In this lecture we will address the Turbulence in the Business and Media Landscape, its implications for Integrated Marketing Communication. Supporting Research will be presented.Specifically, the transformative role of Digital Media towards the way consumers looks to Brands and the way Ubiquitous Broadband is changing our approach to daily live.
We will argue to redefine IMC into Synchronized Marketing Communication. We also
will explore the importance of the concept’ Synchronicity” in the context of a connected web of Branded Experiences: a Brand ecosystem. Finally someimplications for the future of Agencies will be discussed
A Tsunami of Change
Changes are all around us. Adage refers to a Chaos scenario in Communication: “what happens if traditional marketing collapses before a better alternative is established,… and the new digital technologies still lack the infrastructure and scale to support the minimum of mainstream marketing requirements”. Sealey from CocaCola expectsadvertising to become digital, personal and
addressable. He states: “These trends are like a Tsunami and will sweep away our
historical model”. Mainstream advertisers are now switching substantial amounts of
budgets to the “Digital Space”. McKinsey list in their Global survey of Business
executives (2005),
top focus to: Extreme Competition, Great Turbulences, Oversupply andCommoditization, Blurring of Business Boundaries, Fragmentation of Mass Marketing
and Explosion of Digital Media. A striking example of “Blurring” was in Business week
(oct. 2005) in an article with the heading: Samsung The Network: Blurring the line
between ads and media like never before. Samsung is creating a (Virtual AD) Network
by buying Space on-say -400 sites. Then they can leveragePartnerships with other
Marketers, e.g. to promote their products as a Natural fit with entertainment and
musicians need to promote themselves independent of the Music Labels
Crowned at Last. Armed with the Internet, the customer has finally got on top
(Economist, 2005)
The article states that because of the Internet, Consumer Power has profound implications
for companies: “it is changing the waythe world shops”. Recent research from Henley
Centre and AOL describes the Impact of the Internet on Purchasing behavior and the
impact on Brands.. Some highlights are:
-Easily accessible (and TRUSTED), comparative online information is the primary driver
of change
-Online influences are making your customer less Brand loyal, more open to try new
brands, more willing to experiment
TheBroadband Life: Profound Effect on how we approach daily life (Research
Media Edge:CIA, Forrester and Yahoo (2005)
The research shows:
-Broadband does not make people want less of traditional media.” Rather it creates a
synthesis to richer experiences with all media”
-Consumers mesh media. “They combine and multi layer to follow their passions, to be
more involved and to make an experience morepersonal”
-Media silos are dissolving. “Because of the ease with which people go back and forth
between broadband and traditional media”.
Redefining Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) towards an ’Ecosystem of
Connected Experiences”
IMC gained considerable attention around 1995. Terms as Holistic, 360 degrees, the
whole Egg were in the mission statements of the large communicationnetworks. Large
emphasis was placed on the ‘The Integration Dimension”, leading to full service- and
rigid- organizational models. However in the world of “Fragmentation and Connectivity”
the insight is emerging that we will need a balance between the right amount of
Integration and Variety. In this context speaks Kapferer about the need for Consistency
and Variety; “brands with multiple entry...