The great fire of london

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On September the second, it will be the 343rd anniversary of the Great Fire of London. Indeed, this fire was the most destroyer of English history. It was a great change for the English population.For exemple, some contemporary artists continue to paint the fire, schools teach it to their pupils, some interactive games are created for the same reason.

On September 1666, early on Sundaymorning, a fire broke out at the king's bakers in Pudding Lane near the river. It hit the city of London and threated the area of Westminster, Whitehall where King Charles lived the 2nd and the poorestarea. It destroyed 13200 houses, 87 churchs, St Paul's cathedral and the majority of houses of the city. More than 80000 houses were lost but not many people died in this fire

The fire droveeconomics and social disastrous consequences. The evacuation of London were encouraged by Charles the 2nd, he feared a new revolt.

As you know, at this period, the most of the population believed in God .People were afraid about being touched by the devil represented by number 666. They thought the year 1666 was possessed by it because in 1666 there is the number 666. For the population of England,that year is satanic.

In this period, habitations and little business were built according to a special and common architecture. The main material was wood dangerously inflammable. Bakery tradebuilt with the same rule.

On September 1666, London, the most prosperous town of England is only ash. An architect, Sir Christopher Wren, had an idea to rebuild the city but people wanted to do thatmore quickly. That's why London was rebuilt extremely rapidly. St Paul's cathedral was rebuilt and the architect's new urban plans weren't respected.

Houses will be rebuilt exactly at the sameplace but this time, in brick and tile to resist of fire. It explains why London has not a big avenue like other big capitals like Paris, Berlin or St Petersbourg. Actually, the great fire is...