The heart is a lonely hunter

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1. We can see at line 21 « That was the name she would have written on everything when she was seventeen years old”, we can see she is imagining her life, so she is less than seventeen years old, and can’t be Bubber and Ralph’s mother.

2. Mick seems to be young, and living in her world, she probably like the children, but she leave them while she is climbing on the roof, but shedoesn’t pay attention to them on an unintentional way.

3. Part I : line 1 to 20: the present, the reality

Part II: Line 20 to 30: imagination of a future

Part III : Line 30 to the end: Nostalgia, and memories of the past.

4. Mick does not smoke all the time, because we can see it at line 19 :” the cigarette gave her a drunk feeling”, she feels sick when she smoke cigarette,because she is not used to. I think, when the narrator say “ she had to finish it”, he means she wants to finish it, she may need it.

5. Mick is an imaginative person, who lives in a dream. We can see it in the passage when she is imagining her future life, but she is talking with the conditional. She is adventurous, because she dares to climb on a roof, which is not her property, she is notafraid lines 10-11:” she spreads her arms like wings”. She must be an artistic person, because she is sensitive to the music.

6. When Mick stood up on the roof of the (ruined house)new house under construction, she felt free.( L10 “ she spread out her arms like wings”).

She thought of all the things she had done when she was young ( all the things she will do older). She smoked half acigarette ( L28” when Mick had finished half the cigarette she smashed it dead”.) and hummed (L20” she began to hum”) some piece of music or other (some piano piece). She was unable to remember any because she had forgotten all the pieces of music she had heard ( Line 39-40).

7. The modal auxiliary “would” express the imagination of the future, we can suppose it by the word line 27 :”planned”.

8. First of all, Mick is very imaginative, she is daydreaming and evading from the reality, because during the passage she does not mention the present. Secondly, she is ambitious, because she aims high line 22”very famous”. Eventually, she is determined, she knows exactly who she wants to became.

9. When Mick hears this music, she feels

I think, each music you listen to or youwere you used to listen to many times, stay as a memory. Each piece of music can be allocated to one memory, that’s why it can touch people’s heart. First, we may have listen one piece of music during a period of our life, and the moment we heard it again, we can feel deep feelings, like sadness, joy, nostalgia. And sometimes, the music can simply touch your heart because, the lyrics, or the soundmakes you remember something really important to you, or something forgotten.

10. Being alone, in a quiet place, is the better thing for me when I want to think. When I am angry, I need to calm down right away, by running, screaming, or weeping, it is a moment when I really need to think alone. I can go for a walk in the woods for example, and there I can think, talk to myself, i feelrelieved. On the other hand, I could still be angry, so I will need to talk to my friends, and ask their advices, talking helps me to put into perspective. When I am sad, and something hurt me. The first thing I do it is to relax, according to me, this kind of moment is private, and it is better for me to be alone, and to meditate. The most peaceful place to think when I am sad or nostalgic, is nearwater, like river, lake, or the ocean. It is the place where I can relax, and only think of the best. I do appreciate these moments, where I am alone, and the only thing to do is thinking. After this invigorating time, I am ready to talk to my friends, because we cannot always being alone, sometimes we need help from others.

11. Le soleil réveilla Mick de bonne heure, bien qu’elle soit...