The influence of sustainable development in companies: the example of the giant retailer carrefour

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The influence of sustainable development in companies: the example of the giant retailer Carrefour

“By acting together, there is real action!”
Delphine Stroh, Sustainable Development Manager

I - Abstract

Sustainable development has become one of the major preoccupations today. Everyone takes it into account, the government, citizens and businesses. Each of these parts influence eachother to make the turn, that of building a sustainable society.

Companies in particular will need to start this revolution and adapt their business plan. Under pressure from governments and people but also because of their good will, many changes are made. The market changes and the offer changes too.

We can talk about the retail sector, a sector in flux, where we already observed many changes.Companies integrate gradually the concept of sustainable development, especially at Carrefour.

Carrefour integrated gradually, and that since 1991, the concept of sustainable business. The firm has completely revised its strategy and is now able to prove its commitment to "green concept".

Much remains to be done. While we're at the dawn of the era « sustainable », it appears urgent to hurryup and offer more solutions for the future of the planet.

II - Summary :
I - Abstract 4

V - Research methodology 7

Findings 8

V - What is the situation at the different level of the society 8
A – Definition 8
C – The enterprise level  
D – The French side to sustainable development 13
E – Focus on the Fench retail sector 16

VI – Sustainable development at CarrefourHypermarkets France 18
D - Zooms on the actions taken by Carrefour   22

VIII – Conclusion and recommendations 27

Appendices 28

Referencing 32

III - Introduction :

Today, the term "sustainable development" is increasingly present in France and worldwide, and used to indiscriminately all over the world: in politics, business, by citizens. However, it is a very broad concept and we do notalways know in depth. Sustainable development has become part of the policy and corporate strategy. Many talk about the mention but do they really apply?

In order to better define this concept came into vogue and know the actions therein so I decided to address this issue through the example of Carrefour Hypermarkets.

The Carrefour Group, through its operations throughout the world, takes oncorporate economic, social and environmental impact across the planet and directly influence sustainable development.

Carrefour Hypermarkets entered since 1991 (Appendices 1) in an enterprise approach and responsible citizens through the implementation of various operations, from the die as in 1992 range from acting in 2006 to its commitment to Sustainable Development Week in 2010.

We willsee at first as to what extent sustainable development affects the state, enterprises and citizens we can be of interest to the case of Carrefour, a company that has successfully incorporated the concept of sustainable development and has developed many actions to achieve their goals.

V - Research methodology

Primary Research

Cross-sectional surveys

Questionnaires for Carrefourcustomers or simple citizens : In fact, I found a complete survey an investigation conducted by the agency Ethicity and supported by the Environment Agency and the Energy Master. (CREDOC source : investigation "living conditions and aspirations of french")

Interview of Carrefour chief: interview (by Email) of the Sustainable Development Manager of Carrefour, Delphine Stroh.

Secondary ResearchText books



Press releases


V - What is the situation at the different level of the society

1 A – Definition

"Sustainable development" is, by definition proposed in 1987 by the World Commission on Environment and Development in the Brundtland Report []: "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future...