The last of the savages, jay mc inernay

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1. This is a first person narrative. The narrator is the main character.
"Will Savage and I were thrown together as juniors at prep school […]"
2. The scene takes place at the narrator's prep school.
"[…] strangers to a cold New England Campus […]"
"When the housemaster showed me and my parents to the cell that would be my home for the next academic year […]"
"Your room athome is much nicer […]"
"[…] I was most worried that my roommate would arrive before they left."
3. The scene takes place in 1967 at the beginning of the school year since the students are settling down in their room, the luggage of his roommate being on the floor and unpacked.
4. The characters involved in this passage are the narrator, his father and mother, the roommate of the narrator namedWill Savage and the housemaster of the dorm where the students will spend the school year.
a) Will and the narrator come from two different places. The narrator doesn't live far from the school, only 40 miles, and comes from New England. He is a local teenager from the North East whereas Will comes from a much further place that is to say Memphis, 100 miles from the school. He is not anortherner but a southerner since he comes from Tennessee.
Will and the narrator come from two different social backgrounds, they do not belong to the same social classes. On the one hand Will comes from a well-off family who don't have problems to pay the school fees. They may even have made donations to the school as one of the buildings bears the name of the family.
"He was the fifth savage tomatriculate, and the observatory bore the name of his maternal grandfather"
On the other hand, the narrator comes from a middle class family. They can pay the school fees but have to make sacrifices to afford their son's education at the prep school.
"I was a scholarship student […]"
"Fathers […] were not supposed to wear checked sports jackets worn shiny at the elbows, nor polyester ties.""My father, who despite my partial scholarship was straining his resources to send me here […]"
"[…] the tenements of South Boston."
c) "He was the fifth Savage to matriculate, and the observatory bore the name of his maternal grandfather: I was a scholarship student from a New England […]"
6. The narrator's parents do not like the room where the narrator is going to spend the school year and themother more particularly. The narrator doesn't exactly share their feelings but he finds the room is quite simple not to say a bit austere as it looks like being in a monastery.
"[…] my mother tried not to cry. "Your room at home is much nice" she saids, as if trying to assure herself that this snotty school wasn't too good for her son […]"
""It's not exactly the Ritz-Carlton", my fatheragreed."
"When the housemaster showed me and my parents to the cell that would be my home […]"
7. The narrator feels embarrassed about his parents since he thinks they don't match as his mother is much taller than his father, moreover his mother's physical appearance is a problem to him he thinks her breast is too prominent and the way she dresses and speaks is really a problem which emphasizes hisfeeling towards her. On the contrary he blames his father for not being too self-assured compared to his mother, moreover he resents his father being shorter than his mother, and he also feels ill-at-ease about the way his father dresses which to him doesn't fit in the place where they are.
8. Will really feels ill-at-ease and ashamed of his parents and he doesn't feel self-confident about himself.He is worried not to fit in the place and of being discriminated because of the presence of his parents which clearly shows that he really doesn't come from the same social class as most of the others students. He has mixed feeling, on the one hand whatever he thinks of them he loves his parents but on the other hand he would like them not to be there.
"My clothes, my hair, my very walk, did...