The metrolescents

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The Metrolescents
As we saw yesterday the new generation of teenagers is quiet different than the old one. First of all they are more sociable. It’s sure that the technologies’ evolutions help them.It’s so easy to communicate with people today with the mobile phone and the computer. They are united and bond in the age of the internet and the all-powerful teen media. The adolescents stay lessand less at home with their family. They prefer going out and seeing their pals. A few parents try to keep them at home but it’s very difficult. In deep the adolescents are narrow-minded. They don’tcare of their parent’s wishes.
They became very materialist. The 21st century teens don’t hesitate to judge people because of their clothes or their phone for example. There was a huge changing ofvalues.
The Metrolescents are influenced by films (à completer). The teen also like scrutinising the gossip magazines. In a world where the gutter press will stop at nothing to make money it’s not sostrange to see that some adolescents do some stupid things. It’s definitely a bad picture of the society.
The parents play also an enormous part in the actual situation of young people. It’s true thatMetrolescents have become weirdly adult but there’s a correspondence. In deed it’s not rare to see fortysomethings shamelessly riding a scooter or skateboards. Some middle-aged women in pigtails oragain old people with rock t-shirt. It’s an upside-down world! Parents have the children they deserve.
This plight of the teenagers is not only present in suburbia’s. It exists everywhere even inthe swankiest schools. The particularity of the suburbia’s is that the teens live nearest from their friends so they can be together more frequently. And it’s when they are together that teenagers aremore liable to do bad things. There is an inhuman way for the parents to keep an eye on their children at every seconds of the day. It’s a tracking device that parents could put on their child’s...