The moderating role of influence distribution between hrm specialists and line managers

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Authors: Françoise Dany, Zied Guedri and Florian Hatt (2008) Student: Julien Pereira Cruz Professor: François Pichault assisted by Audrey Levêque

2 key aspects of the organizationof HRM
 The integration of HRM and business strategy  The distribution of roles and influences between line

managers (LMs) and HRM specialists.

Which HRM organization/structure a companyshould undertake in order to improve and optimize organizational performance?


HRM integration in strategic decision making process



QUALITY LMsexclusive +- / +
Shared with HRM predominant

HRM exclusive

Optimized organizational performance

4 Sub-samples designed according to who influences the most (LMs, HRM specialists, the 2shared). ANOVA:
 Sub-sample 1 = LMs alone: ○ Smaller and younger companies targeting primary ind. Sector ○ Denmark, New Zeland, Bulgaria and Slovenia  Sub-sample 4 = HRM specialists alone: ○ UK,France, Spain, Germany and the USA

1 function in corporate decisionmaking processes Homogeneity/diversity of HR Strategic involvement of the HR

Integration of HRM in strategicdecision-making process

2 tools

Integration of HRM in strategic decision-making process Organizational performance

3 scorecards, etc.) 4 line

HR reporting system (KPI,

Relations HRstaff/hierarchical

Distribution of influence between HRM specialists and LMs in HRM policy implementation

5 dialogue

Organization of the social



HR involved in strategyformulation, head of HR in Board of direction, level of formalization of HR strategy If there are several HR practices and tools are there pursuing the same and common strategic goal of the company?Product/Service quality, level of productivity, profitability, rate of innovation, stock market performance. Turnover, promotions & career, … Who has the primary responsibility for HRM decision in: pay &...