The opposition bewtreen barack obama and hillary clinton

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Obama VS Clinton

It could seems strange to see how much people talks about the oposition between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton but not about the Republican or others democraticcandidates. Breaman said in the New York Times: “It says people are very tired of Bush administration policies. And the democratics candidates really energize people”
During the Super Tuesday HillaryClinton gets 900 delegates, Barack Obama 824 in the convention of the party, with eight States for the one, thirteen for other one. And they immediately began a war of communication. Each wants to makebelieve that he benefits from a ski jump effect before the next seven stages of running in investiture, this weekend and next Tuesday.
As the Obama team showed a careful optimism, as the Clinton campmultiplied kissings and signs of win. « Everybody can agree on the fact that the party belongs to Hillary, she wons the big States, California, New Jersey, New York », said the president of her teamof campaign, TERRY MCAULIFFE

Hillary put her candidacy under the sign of a restoration of the « years Clinton ». She uses the first person of the plural to speak about Bill's presidency: « Wereformed the unemployment insurance, we bombed the training camps of Al-Qaïda. » The « eight years of peace and prosperity » of the double mandate of Bill Clinton are brandished as an amulet whichwould allow to take back up the time by electing her. But this strategy is risked, because it returns in a dynastic transmission of power, in a country which has never known monarchy. During a debate, ajournalist asked her if it was not a problem to see two families, Bush and Clinton, be passed on the White House since 1988. Clever, Hillary answered that « It did take a Clinton to clean up after thefirst Bush, and I think it might take another one to clean up after the second Bush».
But Bill isn’t as effective as she might have thought, in effect, around the end of January, the...