The other side of truth chapter 1

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Berverley NAIDOO: The Other Side of Truth

Chapter 1, Lagos, Nigeria Survivors

The scene takes place in Nigeria, in Lagos, in Mr Solaja’s house in the morning before children go to school.Characters:
Sade: A girl of 12 years old. She is Mr Solaja’s daughter and Femi’s sister.
Femi: A boy of 10 years old. Sade’s brother and Solaja’s son.
Mr Folarin Solaja: an outspoken journalist whoWorks for Speak. He is Sade’s and Femi’s father. Speak is a newspaper.
Uncle Tunde: Folarin’s brother. He is older than Sade’s father. He is a lawyer.
Mama Buki: Sade’s aunt and her mother’s sister.Sade’s mother who has been murdered. She was a nurse.
Joseph: a guard, a porter. He Works for Mr Solaja’s family.
Mr Falana: he is their Neighbour and Mr Solaja’s editor-in-chief.
Ken ; KenSaro-Wiwa: a well-known Nigerian writer, sentenced to death by the dictator General Abacha in 1995.
General Abacha: A general and a dictator who took power in Nigeria and who silenced the journalists byjailing them on sentencing them to death.
Grandma: Sade’s grandmother, the mother of the mother.
The doctor: He came to rescue the mother but he noticed it was too late. She was hit in the chest.Dele: Folarin’s Young brother who Works in a university in London.
The murderers and the agent who called to warn against Mr Solaja’s militancy.

Line 1 to 17: find out the lexical field of:-sound:
Humans: whisper, scream, cry, hear, voice.
Car: revving, ski ding.
Gun: cracks, splinter
Bag: topple.

Bright white, Scarlett, stains

Slip into, splinter, fall,rise, race to, push past, kneel, grip, stretch out, spread down, haalt.

The idea given by the lexical field of sound, movement and colour is that the situation is tense, dangerous and risky. Nothingis Under control. The caracters are Under intense pressure.

Parallel of the bag and the body:
We notice that the bag and the body are in the same position. The books make the bag fall on the...