The perfume's counterfeiting

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Counterfeiting assignment

The perfume’s counterfeiting


According to the “Sénat”, the counterfeiting is defined as the reproduction (exactly the same or really close) or the unhallowed use of a protected intellectual propriety. This important problem concerns a lot of sectors and involves many heavy and negative consequences. In the past, we talked of counterfeitingespecially in luxury (jewelry, haute couture, perfumes, cosmetics,…), but today, it is widen to toys, clothes, medicines, food and beverage, domestic appliance, video games,…

In this report, we are going to focus on the perfume counterfeiting. The counterfeiting in this case is about the extern aspect because of the fragrance cannot be protected (to protect the making secret). The fragrance can be amass market juice, bought anywhere in the world. The flasks are made in countries, empty, without any brands. Then they are sent in other countries, meeting the fake fragrance. Fake perfumes are born. They can take a real brand name, or a similar as it is often the case. They are two options for counterfeiter: exact reproduction of the name of the brand, or imitation of distinct signs (packagingor bottles).

1. The elaboration of a perfume
A perfume is a piece of work; it has to get the mark of the personality of the creator. It must be distinct of other perfumes and presents its own character differencing this perfume from other one. The success of a perfume is due to the originality, that is why the consumer is ready to expense to acquire it, often expensive amount.

A perfume isbuilt on 5 steps: the fragrance, the bottle, the label, the name/brand, and the advertisement/promotion.

The fragrance: The creation of a perfume comes from a harmonious composition of several sweet smelling ingredients. These ingredients can be essential oil, for instance plant or moss essence, animal substance essence, or synthetic molecule. That is we call the “base”, it is the raw materialfor the composer, the simplest odor to begin the perfume. We can find almost 3 000 different ingredients which constitute the package of raw material. The choice of components is made by the composer according its inspiration. It is the “own touch” we can recognize in some perfume. The result of this creation is a composition containing a wide variety of components traducing by “olfactory form”,that means the perfume or the “juice” (professional term). 2

This “olfactory form” gives the fragrance and this fragrance represents the olfactory message. To conclude this olfactory message involves different perceptions and different interpretation according people, their experiences and their memories. Even if all the creators use same components among 3 000 ones, each composition isdifferent, and no one has to give his secret. That is why the fragrance itself cannot be protected by the intellectual property.

The bottle: The second main part of the perfume is the bottle, the flask. Only from the 20st century, the flask, the packaging and the marketing of the perfume began to be important. The design of the bottle tends to be an art and the flask becomes the ambassador of themessage’s perfume. It is an instrument for the communication, the expression and the seduction. In the advertisement of the perfume, the consumer first sees the bottle. Thus, the package perfume-bottle is linked and the success of the perfume depends on it.

The label: By the past the label was the pure illustration stimulating the imagination from romantic drawers, lot of colors, away landscapes…it was also the echo of political present, giving artistic memories and smiling actress. But today, the perfume has a real work of piece status and the name and the bottle mentions the fragrance.

A name, a brand: according some creators, the name of a perfume has to be linked with its time, the universe of its mother brand, and bodies of persons who will care this perfume. It is necessary that...