The republic of ireland

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The Republic of Ireland

To begin with, the Republic of Ireland is located in the north-west of Europe, Dublin being its capital . This country has approximately 4 million and a half inhabitants,who use the euro as their currency. The climate is temperate with warm summers, and winters very cold due to rains which explain its nickname: the Emerald Island .

History is a succession ofinvasions. From 800 to 1168, Ireland was dominated by the Vikings
Afterwards ,the Norman invaded between 1168 and 1536 then it was invaded by Great Britain. Later, the Home rule was established, andthe Irish started to fight against the British domination with Easter Rising ,the country’s Revolution.
Finally in 1922 Ireland became a free state and a republic .Ireland was partitioned betweenthe Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland because of the conflict between nationalists (Roman Catholic) who wanted an unification with Republic, and Unionists (Protestant) who wished to remain withinthe UK.

The Republic of Ireland is a parliamentary representative democratic republic which is also a member of the European Union.

What is more the culture of Ireland is far frommonolithic, due to various implantations down through the centuries. However a cultural divide exist between the rural people and city dwellers, between the Catholic and Protestant people of NorthernIreland, between the Irish-speaking people inside and outside the Gaeltacht regions and the English-speaking majority, and increasingly between new immigrants and the native population. But its Pub culturewhich pervades the Irish society, across all cultural divides. It refers to the Irish habit of frequenting public houses (pubs) or bars and it is more than just drinking, . Pubs are important meetingplaces, where people gather, socialize and meet their neighbors and friends in a relaxed atmosphere

Furthermore, for a rather small country, Ireland has made a great contribution to world...