The rise and characteristics of totalitarianism in nazi germany in the inter-war period

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The rise and characteristics of totalitarianism in Nazi Germany in the inter-war period

Come to power thanks to the support of the Germans and to the context of crisis, Adolf Hitler and the Naziparty quickly set up a dictatorial regime turned towards the preparation of a new European war and the implementation of the theories exposed in Mein Kampf. To realize these objectives, the Naziscreate a State at the same time totalitarian and racist.
How did Hitler succeed in making of Germany a totalitarian State?
We will study in a first part the grip of the power by the Nazis, then in asecond part how Germany became a totalitarian State, and finally the Nazi expansionism.

I/ The grip of the power by the Nazis

In Munich in 1923, Adolf Hitler tries first to take the power bystrength, he took his inspiration from Mussolini. But it was a failure, and he was imprisoned; during his detention he wrote Mein Kampf. In 1925, he created an organization paramilitary: the SA. In 1929,Germany knows an economic crisis, and Hitler takes advantage of this crisis. He denounced the Treaty of Versailles and became a famous political personage.
In January 30th of 1933, Adolf Hitler wasnamed Chancellor of the Reich by Hindenburg. Hitler has got all powers in 1933, and the 2 August 1934, he proclaimed himself Reichsführer.

II/ Germany become a totalitarian State

Hitler can applyhis doctrine, exposed in Mein Kampf and all in his speeches. This doctrine rest on 3 pillars.
First pillar Ein Volk: Ideas developed in the 19 century by French about the Aryan race and thesuperiority of the Germanic race were originally of the racist doctrine. Aryans will constitute the only pure race, with tall men with blond hair and blue eyes. The Volk have to be preserved against allunhealthy things. Germans who have a hereditary disease must be sterilize, before 1939, eighty hundred (80 000) disabled were exterminated. The inferior race was denounced, especially Jewish. They...
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