The role of women in africa

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The Role Of Women In Africa
General Purpose: to Inform
Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the responsibility of women in Africa.
General Idea: Women in Africa are at the center ofsociety life: mother, provider, and guardian of Africans traditions.
I Africa is a one of the largest continent.
A. The north of Africa is occupied by the white population.
B. The restof Africa is populated by the blacks.
II Gender roles are nurtured roles and responsibilities conferred on either gender as a result of the social constructs of respective societies. In Africa,parents are not using the same method to educate their children.
A. Boys have more freedom than girls.
B. The education of girls is more rigorous.
III The function of women in African societiesis extremely important.
A. African societies rely so much on women; Women are at the center of African life.
B. Without women there is no African society.
IV In the course of my research, Ihave learned the role of women in the sub-Saharan area (populated with blacks) of African societies: mother, provider and guardian of Africans tradition and civilizations.
(Transition: First, Africanwomen are mothers.)
I A. Being a mother is the most important function of women in Africa.
1. African women are the foundational pillar upon which all the family and community structuresrely.
2. African women are capable of doing anything they can to sustain a disrupted family.
B. In African tradition, women are the first pedagogues in the sense that they are the first tolead their children.
1. According to Dimandja Women are the educators; they don’t only teach the humans and cultural values, but they also lead their sons and daughters on the road of good life.2. In most cases, the children listen to their mother more than they do their father.
(Transition: Furthermore, women in Africa are the primary bread winners for their family.)
II A....