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The SEA's Program 

The RELAPSE System


RELAPSE  - for overcoming relapse 

In recovery from the behavioral consequences of low self-esteem, the Self-Esteem SeekersAnonymous Program recognizes that relapse into old behaviors is a reality. The goal of the SEA's program, however, is to help you so that the incidences of relapse become fewer, that a greater time spanoccurs between each relapse, and that each relapse lessens in intensity over time. To help you to deal with the reality of relapse in your recovery process, utilize the SEA's RELAPSE system.
• R -Recognize
• E - Escape
• L - Learn
• A - Act
• P - Protect
• S - Support
• E - Evaluate
R - Recognize
First, you need to recognize that you are in relapse. You need toadmit to yourself that you have fallen back into old patterns of thoughts, emotions, and/or actions which are unhealthy, irrational, or unrealistic for you. You need to accept that this is a relapse anduse the TEA system of recovery to identify what is "sick'' in your current thoughts, emotions, or actions.
E - Escape
Second, you need to use the ALERT system to assess, brainstorm, organize, relax,and take action to escape from the current relapse of "sick'' thoughts, emotions, or actions.
L - Learn
Third, once you have escaped the relapsed thoughts, emotions, or actions, then you need tolook carefully at the relapse event to learn what were the variables which led to it. You need to be honest with yourself as to how thoroughly you have integrated your healthy, rational, and realisticthinking with your emotions and feelings. You need to identify how authentic or real your actions are. You need to identify if your wellness or recovery is really "faked wellness'' because you havechanged your behaviors based on the knowledge of what is correct or healthy but not with changed feelings or emotions. You need to identify if your feelings are not in synch or harmony with your...