SEPTEMBER 2ᴺᴰ 1952

The strange death Lord

In the morning of September 1st, a body was found on the stony beach at the foot of the Dark Cliffs : an old man about fifty years called L o r d Westmorland. Lord Westmorland was the owner of the famous Westmorland castle, one of the most beautiful and rich castles on the southern coast of Devon. Every morning, Lord Westmorland was having a walk on the cliffs with his dog, explains Timothy Dryfather, the inspector in charge of the investigation. There are three possibilities,continues Timothy Dryfather, perhaps Lord Westmorland killed himself, but it might be an accident or a murder too. One witness, Frank Cobry, saw him briefly for the last time around 6 a.m. He had spoken with him a few minutes before his death. He adds that, Lord Westmorland didn't want to talk and looked worried. Westmorland. and called the police.

Two other witnesses, Marmaduke Arbuthnot, a former colonel who is retired from the armynow, and Bernie Brown, a fisherman tell us some information about Lord

Bernie Brown found the body lying dead on the beach and was intrigued, that's why he landed on the coast. Then, he rushed to the Old Chapel (the closer place) According to M.Abruthnot, who was under Lord Westmorland command, Lord Westmorland was a very secretive man. Marmaduke didn't like him a lot for the simple reason that he was too arrogant and very ambitious. Marmaduke learnt indeed that Lord Westmorland had become famous because he crushed Indians rebellions in Calcutta. Three years ago, Lord Westmorland's wife died in the same place, So it might be fenimore’s suicide. But what about the dog ? However, he was having a walk every day, and he knew probably each stone of this cliff so it may be not an accident.The murder pist is also still possible. The autopsy of the body will teach us certainly more about the death of Lord Westmorland.


What about the testament ?
Accordig to Lord [à continuer]

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