The veiled lodger first part

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This document is a short story of the novel « The case-book of Sherlock Holmes » written by a famous Scottish writer, sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And it was published in 1927. The main characters areMrs Ronder, Mr Ronder, Mrs Merrilow, Leonardo, and Sherlock Holmes who investigate the case with Dr Watson who is his assistant. We learn about Mrs Ronder’s story and the reason why the story isentitled “the veiled lodger”.
The story first takes place in Sherlock Holmes flat. It begins with Dr Watson, who had been assistant for 17 years. Dr Watson kept notes of the works of Sherlock Holmes. Hedescribed the location of Sherlock Holmes books and documents. Then he said that Sherlock Holmes has a sense of discretion and that therefore the families of victims and perpetrators have no reason toworry about the honor and reputation of their family. Dr Watson disapproves so all attempts to destroy these documents.
Then Dr Watson wants to tell one of the most terrible human tragedy. In order toprotect the main characters of the story, Watson changes all names and places. The story took place/ was set in 1896. Dr Watson rejoined Sherlock Holmes in his house. Sherlock Holmes was sitting witha woman who was Mrs Merrilow. She lived in the south of Brixton and she was Mrs Ronder’s landlady. Mrs Merrilow wanted to tell them an interesting story. Sherlock Holmes explained to Mrs Merrilowthat he needed a witness if he came to Mrs Ronder.
So Mrs Merrilow thanked Sherlock Holmes for coming. Then he began to summarize the facts to help Dr Watson to understand the situation. Actually, MrsMerrilow had seen Mrs Ronder’s face just once accidently although she had been her lodger for 7 years. Sherlock Holmes understood that Mrs Ronder’s face was terribly mutilated. Mrs Merrilow explainedthat once, her milkman had seen her ugly face too, and he had been surprised. Mrs Merrilow said that when Mrs Ronder realized that she had discovered her own face without her veil. She covered it up...