The wake area business advisory council

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The Wake Area Business Advisory Council (BAC) recently announced the winners of its 2004 Awards of Excellence at its second annual banquet. Employees, employers, community partnerships andparticipants were honored for their excellence and accomplishments in the area of workforce development in Wake County employment and training programs.

One Wake County Human Services (WCHS) employee, twoarea employers, two outstanding participants and one innovative partnership were among the efforts recognized. Innovation, determination and inspiration were a few of the terms used to describe thewinners.

Sandra Painter, senior case manager with Human Services' PRO-Familia program, won the Outstanding Employee award. Painter was cited for her extra effort with clients who cannot speak orunderstand English by helping them with pre-employment skills and job searches as well as accompanying them on job interviews along with school, housing and medical appointments. Her professionalism andenthusiasm with the Latino community has helped PRO-Familia serve more clients this year than ever before.

Wanda's Little Hands Educational Center and Adecco Employment were named OutstandingEmployers.

Wanda's Little Hands Educational Center was commended for its innovative hiring and training program for clients who wanted to earn Early Childhood credentials. Owner/operator Wanda McCargo hashelped WCHS clients, especially from the PRO-Familia program, to gain valuable, on-the-job experience while working at the center.

Adecco Employment was honored for its hiring of area workers andsupport of the BAC and its overall program efforts. Nina Honecutt and Kate Wickers of Adecco Employment provide leadership on BAC committees and participate in BAC special events.

OutstandingParticipant awards were presented to John O'Sullivan and Emma Hernandez. O'Sullivan, nominated by WCHS' Supported Employment program, was noted for his determination to achieve his career goal of...